Wednesday, August 4, 2010



Enable Built-in Administrator Account in Windows 7

Hi everybody, recently I was exploring features of windows 7 when I found that administrator account can be enabled and listed among other accounts in the logon screen. We all know in XP we could do so by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” at the logon screen and entering Administrator as the username and entering required password you entered while installing XP (Most people don’t enter anything, and I used to use this a lot to logon as administrator at Cyber cafes). But in Windows 7 by default you don’t have administrator account listed among other accounts. When you need to elevate the permissions for an application, you usually right click an application and select “Run as Administrator”. Windows do this to prevent any application from running with admin permissions until you want or need so. The account in which you are logged in is a Member of Administrator Group, it is not the Built-in account for administering the computer/domain
(Warning: It is not recommended to enable Administrator account and logging in as Administrator)

So to enable admin account you need to follow following steps (you need administrative rights to perform these steps):

1: Switch to Desktop (if not already) and Right click on “My computer” and click on “Manage”.

2: In Computer Management window that will open, select “Local Users and Groups” under “Computer management \ System Tools”.

3: In the right pane two folders will be visible, Double Click on “Users”

4: Then double click on “Administrator”.

5: In the “Administrator Properties” dialogue box there is a check box labeled “Account is disabled”, uncheck that check box and click on apply.

Close that window and any other open window, now to check that it worked, Logoff or Lock your computer (By pressing Windows Key + L) and click on “Switch user”. You will see Administrator account, you can log into it and enjoy full access to computer with complete admin rights. You can also set a  password for this built in Administrator Account (I would strongly recommend doing so).

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