Thursday, July 15, 2010



My Blog's First Post

The idea of having a blog is sure that you have something and you wanna share it with the whole world. The blogs or weblogs   were meant to create a log or a journal of events, articles, etc in  a chronological model.  The idea of having my own blog was not instant, instead i had long wondered to have it but i couldn't find a compelling element that could put me in really writing one, not until i attended the Microsoft's Community Tech Days in Delhi on 11 July . There i got to learn so many things that i couldn't contain all of it in me, so it had to go out somewhere and nothing can be better than a blog post. Here i got to learn so pesky points of software development that i couldnt do the sin of keeping the knowledge to myself. i had to spread it.
The Microsoft's Community tech Days is still going on, you can register for its free online live webcast or in-person event.

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choudhary subhash singh said...

gr8 man,keep it up,,u have to design it more

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